Treasures of the Whaling Museum Audio

AUDIO VERSION –Treasures of the Whaling Museum: Touchstones to the Region’s Past
Listen to each chapter of Treasures of the Whaling Museum below. Read by Museum volunteer Maureen McCarthy.

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Treasures book jacket

This comprehensive keepsake volume illuminates the history and scope of the world’s largest museum dedicated to the global interaction of humans and whales. 


Audiobook  by Chapter

Introduction (00.15.35)

Chapter 1: Birth of a Seaport (00.12.16)

Chapter 2: Early Yankee Whaling (00.04.51)

Chapter 3: New Bedford’s Ascendancy (00.08.58)

Chapter 4: A Bridge of Whaleships (00.12.51)

Chapter 5: Let Freedom Ring (00.08.04)

Chapter 6: Life Aboard (00.13.02)

Chapter 7: Scrimshaw, the Whalers’ Art (00.07.28)

Chapter 8: Whaling Voyage ‘Round the World (00.07.58)

Chapter 9: Sailing the Seven Seas (00.14.45)

Chapter 10: Artists of New Bedford (00.11.14)

Chapter 11: Arctic Visions (00.08.43)

Chapter 12: Melville’s New Bedford (00.07.05)

Chapter 13: Industrial Evolution of a Port City (00.12.53)

Chapter 14: Following Fish (00.06.59)

Chapter 15: Magnificent Mammals (00.23.06)