Vistas - New Bedford Whaling Museum


Spring/Summer 2023 | Volume 2 | Issue 1

About Vistas

Vistas is the New Bedford Whaling Museum's periodic art, history, science, and culture journal.

The journal includes articles from New Bedford Whaling Museum staff and guest writers, often digging deeper into various topics, book reviews, and more.

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We are so proud to announce that Vistas, the NBWM's periodic magazine, is now available! In this issue, explore 120 years of the Old Dartmouth Historical Society, Portuguese mobility in New Bedford from 1815-1900, Fred Harvie Minature doll houses, comets, UFOS' and more! Vistas includes articles from NBWM staff and guest writers, and dive into greater detail on various topics. A physical copy of the publication was sent to NBWM members; now, the digital version is available. Use the link in our profile for this issue. Want a physical copy delivered to your home address? Consider elevating your NBWM experience with a membership.

Past Issues

Fall/Winter 2022 | Volume 1 | Issue 1