Strategic Plan - New Bedford Whaling Museum

Strategic Plan

The New Bedford Whaling Museum ignites learning through explorations of art, history, science, and culture, rooted in the stories of people, the region, and an international seaport



Visits to the museum are engaging, rewarding, accessible, comfortable and fun for all

  • Create a space and feeling that actively invites all visitors to participate in a dynamic, customized and engaging experience
  • Represent our community and express that through a commitment to Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion (DEAI)
  • Position the museum widely with an identity that is clear and compelling
  • Increase family engagement with programs and spaces designed to meet interests and needs


Stimulate audiences, mobilize community conversations and create meaningful connections to the museum and its content

  • Create inclusive, accessible, and exciting opportunities and programs for all audiences and our community
  • Design unparalleled exhibitions, education and programs for all to broaden our reach in art, history, science and culture
  • Increase platform related to environmental stewardship and other critical issues
  • Expand digital engagement


Collections are expertly cared for, safeguarded for future and shared widely with audiences to inspire deeper learning

  • Enrich and diversify public understanding of our stories through scholarship and research
  • Assess our Narratives, History, and Collections through lens of DEAI
  • Develop our collections and ensure high standards of stewardship
  • Increase and enhance access to collections


The museum has the facilities, resources and visibility to grow and implement this plan

  • Grow the capacity and diversity of the team: staff, volunteers and board
  • Sustain a governance model that supports the work of the museum
  • Grow sound fiscal health
  • Increase financial supporters and partners
  • Grow Reputation