Love Letters for New Bedford - New Bedford Whaling Museum

5:15 PM – Doors Open

5:25 PM – First Film Screening

5:50 PM – Panel Discussion and Q & A

6:15 PM – Second Screening

"Love Letters for New Bedford" short film

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Join us during December's AHA! Night for the premiere of "Love Letters for New Bedford", a short documentary film.

In 2022, New Bedford Creative at the NBEDC oversaw the successful completion of the first-ever place-based pilot of Creating Connection in New Bedford, a national initiative by Arts Midwest to make creative expression a recognized, valued, and expected part of everyday life.

The year-long pilot concluded with the creation of “Love Letters for New Bedford,” a short documentary by filmmaker Ethan de Aguiar and co-produced by Beatriz Oliveira. Ethan filmed more than 50 concerts, events, exhibitions, and public art projects celebrating the rich culture of New Bedford. Ethan and Beatriz interviewed local artists, educators, poets, journalists, authors, vocalists, and others, who shared their love for the City of New Bedford, with the belief that when we share creative experiences and express our creativity, we build powerful connections with the people we’re closest to, with our community and the world around us, and with ourselves.

Throughout 2023 the film was entered for consideration in film festivals all over the world. It won “Best Short Documentary” by the Block Island Film Festival, Portugal International Film Festival, and Texas Arthouse Festival. It was named an “Official Selection” of the Brooklyn International Short Awards, Chicago Filmmaker Awards, Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival, New Jersey International Short Festival, New York Long Island Film Festival, Newport (CA) Beach Shorts, KIDS’ FIRST Film Festival (Santa Fe and Ukraine), Screaming Ostrich International Film Festival, Vancouver Independent MovieMaker Awards, and the Washington Film Awards. It was also invited to become featured on Planet Classroom, a network on YouTube created by youth for youth to celebrate global oneness.