Local History Guild - New Bedford Whaling Museum

Join informal conversations with experts, aficionados, librarians, archivists, curators, historic preservation specialists, historians, and collectors. Topics run the gamut from commercial fishing to historic houses, to the latest acquisitions, collections, or publications. Each moderated conversation is roughly an hour long. Each program will be recorded and will be available on the Museum's YouTube page within 4 weeks. Free and open to the public on Zoom.


A conversation with Ymelda Rivera Laxton and multi-disciplinary artist and curator Cora-Allan Lafaiki Twiss (Niuean/Maori) about a Niuean barkcloth in the NBWM collection and Twiss’ journey as a contemporary practitioner of Hiapo.

Virtual discussion focusing on the complex human relationships with seals over millennia and how that’s changed in a variety of ways over the past 4,000 years and continues to evolve as seals rebound in our region.

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