A Promessa Film Screening - New Bedford Whaling Museum
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5:30 pm start-refreshments

6:00 pm film, followed by discussion

A Promessa (António de Macedo, 1972, 102’)

April 25th, 2023 | sponsored by FILMar.

In a fishing village, José and Maria, a deeply religious couple, married for a year, did not consummate their union, in compliance with a solemn vow of chastity taken when a violent storm sank José’s father boat, nevertheless he saved himself with a crushed leg.
However, the young spouses live in a state of permanent tension, fueled by the presence of Labareda, a gypsy stabbed during an argument, and picked up by José and Maria... “As time goes by, a relationship, and love emerges between the young woman and the gypsy. The reaction of the local society, and the explosion of repressed sentiments will come to a swirling twister of violence - abduction, shootings, and forced sex”.