Online Exhibitions

William Bradford: Sailing Ships & Arctic Seas

Online centennial exhibition showcases the works of marine, Arctic painter William Bradford

Signifying the Whale

A crowd-sourced exhibition based on a Flickr group pool and a "Whaling History Symposium" presentation.

Pacific Encounters

An exhibition that examines the influential legacy of the whaling industry on the opening of diplomatic relations and cultural exchange between Japan and Western nations.

Fans: A Link Between Cultures

From fly swatter to a symbol of royalty, the fan has witnessed dramatic changes in its historical timeline.

Arctic Voyage of the Polar Bear

April 1913 through September 1914 the schooner Polar Bear took nineteen men from Seattle up through the Aleutian Islands, around Alaska, and to parts of Siberia. (link to come)

Prescott Collection: Small Region, Wide World

The photographic story of a world of comfort and leisure represented is a reflection of a particular time and place.