Online Exhibitions

Digital Grand Panorama

This interactive has been designed to expand access to the Panorama and to supplement both Spectacle in Motion exhibitions; The Original at Kilburn Mill and The Experience at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. While it will work on a phone or tablet it has been optimized for desktop viewing.

Portraits of a City

This online exhibit of images from our Standard Times collection explores intimate portraits of individuals living and working in New Bedford during the early 20th century.

A New Bedford Mariner in Africa: Frederick Sowle’s photographs of Senegal and Cape Verde

This collection of glass slides are camera originals from photographs taken by Frederick Sowle while on the schooner Clara L. Sparks in 1899. Many of the photographs are from Senegal, a rarely documented excursion at this time.

Signifying the Whale

A crowd-sourced exhibition based on a Flickr group pool and a "Whaling History Symposium" presentation.

Fans: A Link Between Cultures

From fly swatter to a symbol of royalty, the fan has witnessed dramatic changes in its historical timeline.

Arctic Voyage of the Polar Bear

April 1913 through September 1914 the schooner Polar Bear took nineteen men from Seattle up through the Aleutian Islands, around Alaska, and to parts of Siberia.