Seals and Society - New Bedford Whaling Museum

Seals and Society

Seals and Society

New Bedford Whaling Museum

Opening: June 15, 2023

Closed: July 30, 2023



August 1 – September 12  Province Lands Visitor Center. Provincetown, MA

September 16 – September 19  GARSCON Conference. Baltimore, MD

October 2 – December 12  Seacoast Science Center.  Rye, NH




January 9 – March 1 ASRI Environmental Education Center and Aquarium. Bristol, RI

March 9 – April 28  Naval Undersea Warfare Center. Newport, RI

July 1 – July 31  National Marine Life Center. Buzzards Bay, MA.

August 1 – August 25  Wellfleet Bay Audubon Sanctuary. Wellfleet, MA.

September 15 – October 29  Maine Discovery Museum. Bangor, ME.

Seals and Society debuted from June 15 through July 30th in our Turner Gallery. The Exhibition will be shown in several locations around New England, indicated on the left side of the page. This multi-panel exhibit dives into the daily lives of these specially-adapted animals, with a focus on harbor and gray seals, the two most locally abundant species in the northeast region. Stunning photographs, custom graphics, and up-to-date research data bring the viewer into the seals’ watery world to help us understand their world and our relationships to these animals. Learn how different people and cultures relate to seals, how seals forage and sense their world, where they go and more.

This exhibit is was created by Dr. Andrea Bogomolni, Ren Bettencourt, Elizabeth Bradfield and Elizabeth James-Perry. Robert Rocha, our Associate Curator of Science and Research, and Monica DeAngelis, Marine Mammal Biologist at NUWC, served as contributing editors.

Seals and Society is supported by the David P. Wheatland Charitable Trust and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.

The exhibit team has created a companion website that delves further into the themes introduced in the exhibit. Also, you can learn more about the exhibit team, their process in developing Seals and Society, and view the animations crafted by exhibit team member, Ren Bettencourt