Claus Hoie: The Log of the Whaler Helena and Related Works

Claus Hoie: The Log of the Whaler Helena and Related Works

Opened: April 27, 2017

Closed: September 5, 2017

An exhibition of illustrations by renowned Norwegian-American artist Claus Hoie, who specialized in whaling subjects and Moby-Dick-inspired scenes.

This exhibition highlighted a collection of works by Norwegian American artist Claus Hoie, which was donated to the Whaling Museum in 2014 by The Helen and Claus Hoie Charitable Foundation. Hoie celebrated Long Island’s whaling history in his paintings and sketches many of which are reproduced in his illustrated logbook, The Log of the Whaler Helena of Sag Harbor in the South Pacific 1943-1845. Inspired by 19th century whalers’ logbooks and journals, Hoie explored whalemen’s views of whales, whalers’ daily lives at sea, and the whaling industry. The resulting publication displayed and for sale is a tribute to original records and images made by whalers, a modern illustrated logbook with an exciting original narrative.

Hoie (b. Stavanger, Norway, 1911 – d. East Hampton, NY, 2007) came from a Norwegian seafaring family, and he is particularly well-known for his paintings relating to the sea, including sailing vessels, 19th century captain’s logs, fish, mammals, and the story of the great white whale Moby Dick. His studio-residence was located on a tributary of Town Pond in East Hampton, NY.