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Lemuel H. FisherCaliforniaShip187230
Fisher MartinCallaoBark187526
Jared Jr. FisherCanton IShip1846
Fredrick FisherCanton IShip1852
Albert F. FisherCanton IIShip186620
Elnathan B. FisherCanton IIBark1893
Charles W. FisherCanton IIBark1897
Albert F. FisherCanton PacketBark186318
Thomas C. FisherCape Horn PigeonShip1854
John C. FisherCape Horn PigeonShip185423
Nehemiah H. FisherCatharineBark185826
Nehemiah H. FisherCatharineBark185836
David W. FisherCavalierBark1859
Seth D. FisherCeresBark190533
Amasiah FisherCharlesShip184121

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