Whales in the News


01.02.2021 santacruzsentinel.com MBARI Scientists Recall Puzzling Discovery of ‘zombie worms’ Consuming a Whale Corpse

01.01.2021 ScienceDaily.com New Population of Blue Whales Discovered in the Western Indian Ocean



11.10.2020 ibtimes.com Whales, Seals ‘Highly Susceptible’ to COVID-19 From Human Wastewater: Study

09.23.2020 livescience.com Beaked Whales Can Hold Their Breath for Over Three Hours

09.09.2020 NJ.com Whale Freed From 4,000 Pounds of Fishing Gear

08.05.2020 psys.org Tracking Humanity’s Latest Toxins in Stranded Whales and Dolphins

07.27.2020 english.kyodonews.net Hybrid Baby Whale Makes Debut at Western Japan Whale Museum

07.10.2020 Natural History Museum Echolocation Gives Whales Lopsided Heads

06.23.2020 greenmatters.com Why Do Whales Beach?

05.27.2020 Sciencedaily.com Fishing Less Could Be a Win for Both Lobstermen and Endangered Whales

04.27.2020 news.mongabay.com No Whaling in Iceland for Second Straight Year

04.09.2020 University of St. Andrews New Sonar Still Deters Sperm Whales Feeding

03.07.2020 salon.com Every breath you take: The economic case for marine life

02.25.2020 whalesanctuaryproject.org Whales Sanctuary Project Selects Port Hilford, Nova Scotia, for Sanctuary Site

02.20.2020 ScienceDaily.com Earthquakes Disrupt Sperm Whales’ Ability to Find Food



12.23.2019 ecowatch.com First North Atlantic Right Whale Calf of the Season Spotted Off Georgia Coast

12.02.2019 bbc.com Sperm whale dies with 100kg ‘litter ball’ in its stomach

11.14.2019 thebrunswicknews.com Senate Committee OKs Bills on Whales, Marine Debris

10.28.2019 newsweek.com Whales Spotted Swimming Through Great Pacific Garbage Patch For First Time  

10.24.2019 neaq.org Counting Whales from Space

10.15.2019 nationalgeographic.com Humpback Whales Herd Salmon with Their Fins, New Photos Reveal

10.03.2019 smithsonianmag.com How Drones Are Helping Scientists Figure Out Whales’ Weight

09.20.2019 theworldlink.com How Long Does a Whale Feed? New Data Gives Insight into Blue and Fin Whale Behavior

09.03.2019 sciencedaily.com New Beaked Whale Species, Berardius minimus, Has Been Confirmed

08.23.2019 thebristolbaytimes.com Seattle-based Non-profit is Setting Sail to Find the Rarest Whale in the World

08.11.2019 montrealgazette.com New Brunswick: Company Studies Ways for Fishing Nets and Whales to Co-exist

07.28.2019 metro.co.uk Humpback Whale Swallows Sea Lion Whole After It Tries to Steal Its Food

07.14.2019 capecod.com WHOI Researcher Testing Thermal Cameras to Detect Whales

06.28.2019 mongabay.com Researchers Discover Right Whales Singing for the First Time Ever

06.20.2019 sciencenews.org Greenland Whale Was a Narwhal-Beluga Hybrid

06.10.2019 hakaimagazine.com Where Whales and Plastic Meet

05.23.2019 nytimes.com Where Did the Right Whales Go?

05.13.2019 lonelyplanet.com Iceland Home to First Ever Open-sea Beluga Whale Sanctuary

05.08.2019 ktoo.org In Utqiaġvik, Temperatures Are Warmer, and The Ice Is Changing. What Does That Mean for Whalers?

04.21.2019 bostonglobe.com New Regulations Are a Matter of Life and Extinction for Right Whales 

04.15.2019 DOGOnews.com Remains Of Four-Legged Whale That Walked On Land Found in Peru

04.02.2019 nationalgeographic.com This pregnant whale died with 50 pounds of plastic in her stomach

03.25.2019 news.berkeley.edu Fossil Barnacles, The Original GPS, Help Track Ancient Whale Migrations

03.18.2019 hakaimagazine.com Whales Rocked by Heavy Metals

03.14.2019 NPR – The Point, capeandislands.org Opening Our Ears to the Ocean

03.07.2019 NPR – All Things Considered Mysterious Type of Killer Whale, Sought After for Years, Found in Southern Ocean

02.26.2019 channelnewsasia.com Blue Whales ‘hedge their bets’ in Search for Food: Study

02.24.2019 Cape Cod Times Right Whale Sightings Extend Slowdowns for Vessels South of Nantucket

02.20.2019 NRDC Environmental Groups Ask Court to Block Harmful Seismic Blasting in the Atlantic (pdf)

02.12.2019 Datona Beach News-Journal Sixth Right Whale Calf Seen off Flagler Beach

02.11.2019 The Canadian Press Odd Couple of the Deep: B.C. Dolphins Hang out with Killer Whales 

02.10.2019 Gloucester Times FishOn: Lobster Industry Willing to be ‘Right-sized’ for Right Whales?

02.07.2019 The Canadian Press Federal Government Announces 2019 Measures to Protect Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales