The Wattles Jacobs Education Center

The new Wattles Jacobs Education Center allows the Whaling Museum to meet its dramatically expanding programming needs. The Whaling Museum is committed to fostering a community of lifelong learning through both formal and informal educational programs, which provide meaningful experiences for students, educators, scholars and enthusiasts. Each year, more than 12,000 students and teachers visit the Whaling Museum. The Wattles Jacobs Education Center provides 3,000 square feet of new classroom space, more than quadrupling the Museum’s existing classroom space. The Center enhances the Museum’s ability to actively engage in efforts to improve educational attainment by expanding its meaningful, out-of-the-classroom experience for students and educators. 

Wattles Jacobs Education Center Bulletin (pdf)
To Our Donors
Architectural Renderings / Walkthrough
Expanding Accessibility (pdf)
The Team
Grand Opening Celebrations
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Wattles Jacobs Education Center Construction & Dedication


Top Twelve Reasons for building a new Educational Center and Research Library

1 Quadruple educational classroom space 2  Dedicate space for the innovative High School Apprenticeship Program 3 Renovate and connect to the Sundial Building and Captain Paul Cuffe Park 4 Expand the roof-deck with stunning views of New Bedford harbor 5  Beautify Water Street and Johnny Cake Hill by building on a vacant lot 6  Bring all programs, collections, staff and volunteers under one roof 7  Install climate-control systems throughout the entire Johnny Cake Hill campus 8 Enhance the visitor experience with a more cohesive floor plan 9 Add 4 new public galleries to display more of the collection 10 Computer climate controlled vaults with compact storage for the collection 11 Gain efficiencies and energy savings by consolidating all assets into a modern facility 12 Expand access to the Research Library by connecting to the main galleries


Last modified: September 1, 2020