Tastes of the Panorama

Thursday, August 23
6 pm – 9 pm
Location: Kilburn Mill, 127 West Rodney French Blvd., New Bedford (site of the exhibition Spectacle in Motion – The Original)
Tickets: $40

Tastes of the Panorama Flyer (downloadable pdf)

Attendees were able to taste their way around the world with small bites featuring flavorful traditional Portuguese fare by Inner Bay Cafe, representing the Azores; delicate seafood provided by Cuttyhunk Shellfish Farms, embodying the bounty of the sea; unique tastes of the Pacific Islands with Polynesian dishes from Hometown Poke, and the savory tastes of Brazil by the Brazilian Grill.

Tastes of the Panorama illustration

Cultures were also celebrated through an evening full of the music and dance unique to the locales represented in the Panorama, including:

Cape Verdean music performed by The KabuJazz Quartet

The New Bedford Harbor Sea Chantey Chorus 

Captivating Polynesian dance by the renowned Lola Matta 

Electrifying sounds of Brazilian Jazz by the Debra Mann Quartet 


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