Opening Reception: Dive Deep with Whales Today

Opening Reception
Thursday, September 28, 2017
6 pm – 8 pm

This exhibition is presented in partnership with

Warfare Center US Navy Stewards of the Sea



Attendees celebrated the first installation of a major expansion of Whales Today, the Museum’s whale ecology, ocean health, and marine mammal conservation exhibition. The Museum presents the Stewards of the Sea: Defending Freedom, Protecting the Environment interactive exhibit (on loan for a limited time from the U.S. Navy).

See the fascinating equipment, donated or loaned by the U.S. Navy and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), used by marine mammal scientists to capture sounds and other data to better understand these magnificent mammals and their habitat. Included in the exhibition will be the Museum’s William A. Watkins Collection of Marine Mammal Sound Recordings and Data and the William A. Watkins and William E. Schevill Collection of Images and Instruments.

Visitors will be able to look through a “fish eye” telescope and see what Navy watch looks for when they scan the ocean surface for whales, watch blue whale tagging in action off the coast of Patagonia, and see an enormous, but stealthy, automated underwater glider.

Photo Caption: Two humpback whales engaging in bubble-net feeding. (Acquired under National Marine Fisheries Service Permit 17355-01 and NOAA Class G Notification 2015-ESA-4-NOAA flight authorization, by John Durban, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NMFS, NOAA; and Michael Moore, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution).


This exhibition is funded, in part, by the William M. Wood Foundation.