Moby-Dick inspired Dinner and Lecture

Friday, January 8

Tickets: $30 Members/$40 Non-Members

5:00 p.m.

Cocktails in Jacobs Family Gallery

An “Art on the Plaza” Exhibit. One evening only!
An outdoor projection display of large scale tyvek images inspired by Moby-Dick created by Peter Michael Martin.

Dedication of the Herman Melville Room

The Herman Melville Room will officially be opened by members of the Melville Society. The inaugural exhibit is titled: Mapping Ahab’s “Storied Waves”: Whaling and the Geography of Moby-Dick, curated by Senior Maritime Historian Michael P. Dyer.

About the Exhibition: Examine the tools, techniques, and resources mentioned by Melville and see their practical application to real  nineteenth century whalers. Throughout Moby-Dick, Melville gave clues as to how Ahab managed to actually locate Moby Dick. The fiction of Ahab’s search in Moby-Dick reflected a reality that actually culminated in Matthew Fontaine Maury’s Wind and Current Charts. These charts were the first publicly defined maps showing the habitats of whales worldwide and were compiled completely from whaler’s logbooks and journals. Several of the very logbooks read by Maury are in the collection.

In the Heart of the Sea Exhibition

This special exhibit features costumes worn by the actors in the Warner Bros. production, In the Heart of the Sea, based on Nathaniel Philbrick’s book of the same name. Curators have assembled artifacts that describe the Essex voyage and connect this latest cinematic rendition to earlier interpretations of Moby-Dick.


7:00 p.m.

“Carb Loading” Pre-Marathon Dinner

Join fellow Melville enthusiasts for a collegial gathering in the spectacular new Harbor View Gallery, catered by Russell Morin Fine Catering.

Menu items: Fall Pear Salad, Maple-glazed Salmon, Chicken Riesling, Rice Pilaf, Sauteed Butternut Squash, Green Apples and Raisins, Hearth-baked Breads with Whipped Butter.


Moby-Dick: How Hollywood Changed New Bedford”

Lecture by Arthur Motta
2016 is a year to celebrate milestones: MDM20, NPS20, LAGODA100, and the 60th anniversary
of John Huston’s Moby-Dick! The 3-day extravaganza leading up to the New Bedford
Premiere of Huston’s Moby-Dick in 1956 was a transformative experience for the city of New
Bedford. Huston’s flare for the dramatic coupled with the full force of Warner Bros. publicity
department took the city by storm. This illustrated talk will demonstrate the power of
popular culture and its potential for long-term economic impact, with an overview of the
latest production, In the Heart of the Sea.

Featured Exhibitors

Tom Watson
The Chase-First Day. Watercolor, 50”x 68”

Farley Crawford
100 Days on Moby-Dick. Selection of works on paper






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