Melville Scholars Workshop, Tours and Lecture

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

detail of Melville stamp

Moby-Dick Marathon and Herman Melville fans, and anyone curious about why Melville remains relevant today joined the Melville Scholars for an afternoon and evening of full Melville immersion. Participants got geared up for MDM 2021 and explored Melville through our galleries.

1-2 pm

Moderator Wyn Kelley
Jennifer Baker: Melville in the 21st Century
Mary K. Bercaw Edwards: Melville and the Sea
Robert K. Wallace: Melville and the Arts

Revered as America’s great novelist, Herman Melville has meant different things to different readers: global adventurer, philosopher, natural historian, poet, fierce satirist or brilliant wordsmith. Drawing from their own research and discoveries, the Melville Society Cultural Project offered different angles on this fascinating writer. An exploration of Melville’s views on science, religion, art and politics. A sharing of views on his enduring place in American culture. A discovery of the intersections of Melville’s life and works, using the Museum’s collections and trends in contemporary culture as discussion points.

2:15 pm and 3:15 pm for 45 minutes each
WALKING TOURS: Melville Scholar-led tours of the Whaling Museum
(choose two)
Tours were keyed to ongoing museum exhibits. Each tour included a handout (topics, study questions, brief bibliography)

Jennifer Baker “Cetology” Meet in the Sperm Whale Gallery
Mary K. Bercaw Edwards “Life Aboard a New Bedford Whaling Vessel” Meet in the Lagoda Room, end at “In the Heart of the Sea” exhibit
Wyn Kelley “Melville and New Bedford” Meet in the Scrimshaw Gallery
Timothy Marr “Religion and Culture Around the World” Meet in International Gallery
Christopher Sten “Whales Today” Meet in the Jacobs Family Gallery, includes “Oasis exhibit
Robert K. Wallace “Melville in the Museum” Meet in Melville Room

4-5 pm
WRAP-UP: Melville, the Museum, and You

5-6 pm

6 pm

7 pm
EVENING PANEL: “Mapping Melville”
This roundtable addressed the Whaling Museum’s current exhibition in the newly-christened Melville Room, “Mapping Ahab’s Storied Waves,” curated by Michael P. Dyer. In Melville’s works, mapping serves as a powerful image of orienting and identifying the self, exploring and conquering the world, and leaving a record of one’s journey. As a group they reflected on this exciting theme, bringing together perspectives from history, art, story-telling, navigation, and materials from the museum’s rich and “storied” collection.

Moderator Wyn Kelley
Mike Dyer: Mapping Ahab’s Storied Waves
Timothy Marr: Conquering the World
Christopher Sten: Orienting the Self


Registration for Workshop, Lecture and Reception
$15 member, $20 non-member

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