Lecture: Source for West Africa History

The US Consulate in Cabo Verde and the Foundation of a New America

Wednesday, June 28
6 pm – 8 pm
Free and open to the public

Lecture by Professor Eduardo Adilson Camilo Pereira, Ph.D., Instituto Universitário de Educação de Cabo Verde

photo of Eduardo Camilo

Professor Camilo Pereira will bring his own analyzes of the strategies utilized by both Samuel Hodges Jr. and Manuel António Martins (Vice-Consul of the USA in Cabo Verde), with support of the Secretary of State and future president of the United States, John Quincy Adams (1817-1825, 1825-1829), for the realization of an American desire. He will also analyze the protests and disputes presented by American whaling vessels vis-à-vis the colonial authorities in Cabo Verde.

This lecture will try to answer some questions related to the Cabo Verdean immigration to the US since 1810. What was the political and economic influence of the US on Cabo Verde and the West Coast of Africa between 1818 and 1850? To what extent did the revolts of 1822 and 1841 reflect the US interest in the reconfiguration of the Atlantic and the extension of the freedoms instituted in the American constitution? How did the US Consulate in Cabo Verde participate in the creation of Liberia? What was the role of the US Consulate in combating the slave trade from West Africa to West Indies and the US? What is the impact of the recognition of the independence of Brazil, Argentina and Colombia by the US on the West Coast of Africa?

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