Cape Verdean Voices

An Exhibition in Honor of Judge George N. Leighton

Exhibition Opening Reception

Wednesday, July 3
6 pm – 8 pm
Harbor View Gallery
Free and open to the public


3 images of artwork for CV Exhibit


Exhibition Dates: June 28, 2019 – July 29, 2019

Showcasing many forms of media from our local community, including painting, photography, sculpture, poetry, music and others, this exhibition will reflect local Cape Verdean voices and will cover themes such as immigration, island culture(s), family, Cape Verdean and Cape Verdean American identity, Cape Verdean folklore, and Cape Verdean history.

This exhibition is in honor of Judge George N. Leighton, the son of Cape Verdean immigrants to the area. Judge Leighton was a prominent Civil Rights activist and the first Cape Verdean American Federal Judge. He passed away in 2018 at the age of 105. He is a magnificent example of the achievements of children of immigrants, a brilliant example of the story of Cape Verdeans in the United States, and a model of hard work and American success.

Exhibiting Artists:

Sandra Santos – Textile
Carl Lopes – Wood, acrylics
Miggie Wong – mixed media
Adalgisa Andrade – acrylics
Maurice Costa – pastels
June Cruz – textiles
Wanda Medina – mixed media
Ann Marie Lopes – documentary film
Susan Costa – acrylics
Rayana Grace – poetry
Christian Gonçalves – sculpture
Iva Brito – poetry, mixed media
Elisa Cabral – mixed media
Frank Pina – photographs
Glanzer Ramos – music lyrics
Anita Riley Robinson – sculpture, watercolor
Ronald Barboza – photographs
a’Ali DeSousa – mixed media digital art


Caption: (left) Maurice Costa, Woman Digging at place of discovery of Cape Verde, oil on canvas. (center) Wanda Medina, Fogo’s Fire, latex and acrylic paints, pastels and paper on burlap. (right) Susan Costa, Fetching Water, São Vicente, acrylic on canvas.