Working Waterfront Festival


September 23, 2017  |  11 am – 6 pm

Celebrate Commercial Fishing, America’s Oldest Industry!
Come to the Working Waterfront Festival in New Bedford, America’s largest commercial fishing port, to learn about the men and women who harvest the North Atlantic. Walk the decks of a scalloper, dine on fresh seafood, see fishermen’s contests, and watch a cooking demonstrations. Experience the workings of the industry which brings seafood from the ocean to your plate.

The Working Waterfront Festival presents performances of music, dance and poetry; demonstrations and contests of industry skills; tours of workboats; documentary films and footage at sea; cooking demonstrations; author readings; children’s activities; U.S. Coast Guard demos; Tug Boat Muster; whaleboat races, and more!

The festival is located at Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 3—Steamship Pier.

The Working Waterfront Festival
has gone to a biennial format




Last modified: August 15, 2017