Through the efforts of Museum volunteers, working under the direction of Advisory Curator Judith Lund and Museum staff, we  has been able to augment a project begun many years ago by New Bedford Free Public Library. Using records kept by the chaplains of the New Bedford Port Society and currently stored in the Museum's Research Library, the volunteers entered the names and physical descriptions of men leaving New Bedford on whaling voyages from 1850 to the end of whaling in 1927. 

This data represents only men who left New Bedford on whaling voyages and does not include whatever happened after the ship left New Bedford. These records are useful to family members wishing to learn about the whaling careers of their ancestors.

Click on the image below to search for crew members aboard the Charles W. Morgan or any other New Bedford whaling vessel.

Download in speadsheet form Crew Lists and Owners for the Charles W. Morgan. (Creative Commons license applies to all data.)

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Last modified: February 18, 2014