Creature Feature

Explore amazing marine animals in this weekly video and activity series – a different creature each week!

Creature Feature

July 12 – August 25, 2021

New videos every Monday

In-person activities on Wednesdays

11am – 1pm at the Whaling Museum

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Creature Feature

How many people can fit inside a whale? Which zooplankton look like little monsters? What does a shark’s tooth look like, up close?

Find the answers and more this summer during Creature Feature, the Whaling Museum’s weekly video and activity series. Each week, we’ll explore amazing marine animals and learn how we can help our underwater friends.

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Previously Featured Creatures

July 12 - Week 1

North Atlantic Right Whale


Wednesday, July 14 at the Whaling Museum

  • Wow! A life-size inflatable right whale from Whale and Dolphin Conservation and a life-size inflatable humpback whale from the Whaling Museum
  • Dance to Ocean Beats (cool beats mixed with marine mammal sounds) in Captain Paul Cuffe Park. (Rain location – Harbor View Gallery)
  • Join educators in the Jacobs Family Gallery at 11 am to learn all about whales in person.

July 19 - Week 2



Wednesday, July 21 at the Whaling Museum

  • Dolphin Obstacle Course
    • Learn how dolphins feed, migrate, and avoid predators and life-threatening entanglements
    • Paul Cuffe Park. (Rain location – Harbor View Gallery)

July 26 - Week 3



Wednesday, July 28 at the Whaling Museum

  • Kraken? Or giant squid?
  • Be a marine biologist! Guided (small) squid dissection in Captain Paul Cuffe Park. (Rain location – Harbor View Gallery)
  • Recommended for ages 8-12 years
  • Pre-registration required
  • See details here.

August 2 - Week 4



Wednesday, August 4 at the Whaling Museum

  • Tale a peek at plankton! Try hands-on science activities in Harbor View Gallery
    • Build your own plankton
    • Peek at plankton using a microscope
    • Learn to identify plankton

August 9 - Week 5



Monday, August 9 was AUGUST ADVENTURES day at the Whaling Museum

  • Admission to the Whaling Museum on August 9 was free all day, thanks to Highland Street Foundation and August Adventures! Every day during the month of August, a different museum or recreational site will have no-cost admission. See the full August Adventures calendar here.
  • Just in time for Shark Week! We saw a film with footage from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and Sharks4Kids in the Cook Memorial Theater.

Wednesday, August 11 at the Whaling Museum
Shark week continued at the museum with interactive shark activities.

  • See film with footage from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and Sharks4Kids in the Cook Memorial Theater.
  •  In Jacobs Family Gallery, learn to tell a dogfish shark from a white shark, and check out shark’s teeth – up close!

August 16 - Week 6



Wednesday, August 18 at the Whaling Museum

  • Find a seat in Cook Memorial Theater for a virtual encounter with a seal from Buttonwood Park Zoo
  • Explore seal behavior and biology in Jacobs Family Gallery at the Buttonwood Park Zoo table
  • Examine a life-size harbor seal model from Buzzards Bay Coalition to learn about biological adaptations.

August 23 - Week 7

Horseshoe Crab


 Wednesday, August 25 at the Whaling Museum