Common Ground Mosaic Story Hour

Common Ground Project

Collecting and sharing stories of the community. SHARE YOUR STORY!

Common Ground: A Community Mosaic
What’s your story?

Share Your Story!


Project Director
Naomi Slipp
Douglas and Cynthia Crocker Endowed Chair for the Chief Curator

New Bedford is an extraordinary place of infinite possibilities where different paths from around the world have intersected and defined the city’s character. The Museum is collecting and sharing the stories of the Greater New Bedford community – in your own words.

Community members have the opportunity to lend their voice to the collective story of Greater New Bedford using writing, audio, video, and other means of recording. The initiative will culminate in an exhibition that shares the lived experiences of our enduring and dynamic communities.

From its beginnings as a part of Wampanoag territory to its early Azorean and Cape Verdean immigrants, and more recent Central American and Caribbean immigrants, the common thread throughout New Bedford’s history has been migration and ethnic and cultural diversity—the heartbeat of this port city. Like a mosaic, this exhibition will highlight how the diverse identities and individual stories intersect to create a singular picture of New Bedford – finding the common ground.

Common Ground Flyer (pdf)

What’s Your Story?

Neighborhood stories
Tell us about where you call home and what’s special about it.

My stuff and my identity
Do you own or use something that connects you to the city, your history, your identity, your family or your community?

Then and now
Are you a community elder? Do you have stories of changes in your lifetime or historic moments in the city?

Hardship and struggle
Share a story of hardship or struggle you have faced or that you see facing the city.

A day in my life
What is your typical day like?

Places and spaces
Do you have a story about a landmark or place that defines the city?

Family histories and stories
Do you have a story about your family migrating to the city, or of your family’s experience within the city?

Stories about “My City”
Do you have a story about what makes the Greater New Bedford area unique and what makes it yours?

Creativity and the arts
Tell us about art, artists, or artistry in the area? Do you find New Bedford to be a place of artistic expression? How or why does the city inspire you.