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Book Launch & Signing: "After Moby~Dick"

An anthology that includes sixty-one poems – all written since 2000 by contemporary American poets. A new Spinner Publications release and edited by Elizabeth Schultz and Kylan Rice.

Book Launch & Signing: After Moby~Dick: An Anthology of New Poetry

By Elizabeth Schultz & Kylan Rice

June 21, 2019
Free and open to the public 

To read After Moby~Dick is to experience Melville’s novel through the voices of mariners, renegades, and castaways, women and whales, through the pages of books and planks of a ship’s deck. It is to find Moby-Dick in paint, in teeth, in skin, in the heart. This book is breath-taking and breath-giving. Read it often. 
– Wyn Kelley: Melville’s City (1996), Herman Melville: An Introduction (2008)

Book Launch & Signing | Meet the Authors

After Moby-Dick book coverSpinner Publications is pleased to announce the release of a new book, After Moby~Dick: An Anthology of New Poetry, edited by Elizabeth Schultz and Kylan Rice. An initial book launch and signing was held on Friday, June 21, at New Bedford Whaling Museum, 18 Johnny Cake Hill, New Bedford, and  included readings by editors Schultz and Rice, as well as by featured poets, Everett Hoagland and Laurie Robertson-Laurent.

After Moby~Dick is an anthology that includes sixty-one poems – all written since 2000 by contemporary American poets. All works in the collection are inspired by Melville’s seafaring epic novel, Moby-Dick; and two of the featured authors are New Bedford poets previously published by Spinner – Laurie Robertson Lorant, author of The Man Who Lived Among the Cannibals, and former New Bedford Poet Laureate, Everett Hoagland, author of This City and Other Poems, and Ocean Voices: An Anthology of Ocean Poems.

In assembling After Moby~Dick, the editors conducted a search for 21st-century poetry inspired by Melville’s novel. In response, poets submitted more than 100 poems, and the editors selected representations from thirty-four poets – a stunning and memorable result. Besides Hoagland and Robinson-Lorant, other nationally-known poets include Dan Beachy-Quick, Susan Howe, Jeffrey Yang, Rachel Richardson, and Jessica Cuello.

About the Co-editors

Elizabeth Schultz is an esteemed Melville scholar with two critically-acclaimed books on Melville – “Unpainted to the Last”: Moby-Dick and American Art, and editor of Melville and Women – and has published five books of poetry and a memoir. She is a professor emerita of University of Kansas, a past president of the Melville Society, and a founding member of the Melville Society Cultural Project at the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

Kylan Rice is a published poet and Ph.D. graduate student in English at the University of North Carolina. Kylan is an active member of the Melville Society, lecturing at world conferences on the subject of Melville.

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