Mayor Jon Mitchell meets with “Connecting Coastal Communities” participants from Húsavík Whale Museum and New Bedford Whaling Museum


Tuesday, May 31 – 3:45 pm

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell will meet with Icelandic secondary school students who are visiting New Bedford as part of an innovative youth exchange program called “Connecting Coastal Communities.”

Mayor Jon Mitchell
Students from Húsavík Whale Museum and New Bedford Whaling Museum:

Icelandic Students:
Margret Nina Sigurjonsdóttir
Ruth Thorarinsdottir
Viktor Freyr Adalsteinsson
Viktoria Osk Eydal
Dagny Anna Laufeyjardottir
Vildis Kristin Runarsdottir
Birta Laufdal
Emeliana Brynjulfsdóttir
Hulda Osp Agustsdóttir
Rakel Akadóttir

New Bedford Whaling Museum Apprentices:
Daniel Perry
Noelanee Melendez
Brittany Scott
Maria Cardoso
Juelson Cardoso
Natalie Rivas
Darlene Duarte
Alexandra Binette
Ryland Roderick
Suely Lopes Pereira
Jessica Semedo Silva
Tyler Amaral
Nathan Silveira
Anthony Medeiros
Yamilex Ramos Peguero

New Bedford Whaling Museum Curator of Education Sarah Rose and Director of Apprentices & Interns, Christina Turner

Húsavík Whale Museum Director, Jan Aksel Harder Klitgaard  and Program Manager, Huld Hafliðadóttir

New Bedford Whaling Museum High School Apprentices visited their counterparts in Iceland from April 16 through April 23, 2016. Icelandic students from the Húsavík Whale Museum will be visiting various locations in the United States from May 27 through June 2. The youth exchange program, “Connecting Coastal Communities,” is funded by a grant from Museum Connect, which is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and the American Alliance of Museums (AAM).  The program has two main goals: to expand ocean literacy among youth in Massachusetts and in Húsavík; and amplify the global shift toward eco-tourism and whale conservation.

New Bedford City Hall
Room 314

Tuesday, May 31 at 3:45 pm

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Contact: Sarah Rose
Curator of Education
New Bedford Whaling Museum


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