Antique Ivory Legislation

Pending Additional Ivory Laws

Beyond existing federal laws, several states are considering additional restrictive language which will impact the possession of antique scrimshaw. The following links are provided as an educational public service:

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Forensics Laboratory – Ivory
Proposed ivory law unfairly targets scrimshaw and antiques
Antique Scrimshaw Collectors Association


Whaling Museum/Antique Ivory Legislation NEWS

March 23, 2016
House passes bill to stop ivory trafficking

June 19, 2015  Antiques And The Arts Weekly
Swapping Marine Antiques Under The Sign Of The Whale

June 17, 2015
Scrimshaw Artists and Collectors Fear Unintended Impact of Proposed Ivory Ban

June 1, 2015  Soco Magazine
A Requiem For Lost Art…And Elephants

April 17, 2015  New Bedford Standard-Times
State lawmakers can write better ivory bill

April 12, 2015  New Bedford Standard-Times
Proposed ivory law unfairly targets scrimshaw and antiques




Last modified: November 30, 2018

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