Notes & Maps

Notes & Maps

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Annotated Bibliography
A list of related books and scholarly articles for further reading.

First Edition of The Piazza Tales
A fully scanned and transcribed online version of The Piazza Tales for comparison and reference; hosted by the University of Virginia.

John Woram's Las Encantadas
A remarkable online compilation of noteable maps of the Galapagos, including ones that Melville would've seen in his day. Also contained is a thorough bibliography of people associated with the Galapagos and their accompanying works; see: Colnett; Cowley; Dampier; Darwin; Porter; Wafer; and Melville. The images section is also full of information.

Melville's epigraphs compared to their source texts (Spenser, Beaumont & Fletcher, Chatterton, and Collins);
See also comparisons between Melville's descriptions in Sketch Ninth and his sources for Fatherless Oberlus, including his description in Porter, and Coulter.

The Buccaneers
A Project Gutenberg EBook edition of Haring's The Buccaneers in the West Indies in the XVII Century.

The Melville Society
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