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_oodos MatiresPedro VarelaSchr1919
_arre_ GrantOsprayBark1857
[martin] MalloyOsceola IIIBark1866
[lazen?] BriggsHadleyBark187416
[?] Joseph P. GilmanEunice H. AdamsBrig186932
Zyhamiah GoodingCortesShip1842
Zulmame P. SearsRichard HenryBark1841
Zules MoisyFalconShip1846
Zokm RobeAltoBark1857
Zoheth H. SowleMattapoisettBark1855
Zoeth H. SowleMattapoisettBark1855
Zinri T. RobinsonGraduateSchr186824
Zina L. WilsonCaliforniaShip1842
Zimri T. RobinsonWilliam WilsonSchr186722
Zimri RobinsonAdmiral BlakeSchr186317

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