Harbor of Hope

Middle/High (6-12)
Up to 80 students | 90 minutes

New Bedford’s successful whaling industry led to a society that was prosperous, diverse, and mobile. Immigrant and migrant groups – both domestic and international – seized the chance to achieve wealth and prominence both onshore and at sea. This program explores the experiences of those who immigrated to New Bedford, focusing particularly on African Americans, Cape Verdeans, and Azoreans during the nineteenth century’s booming whaling industry.

Learning standards will be met as students:

  • Explore the relationship between New Bedford’s economy and its social structure
  • Explore the contributions that different social groups made to the advancement of the whaling industry and other industries
  • Investigate the evolution of the abolitionist movement in New Bedford and the movement of African American people from the south to the north
  • Discuss the experiences that African Americans, Azoreans, Cape Verdeans had when they relocated to New Bedford