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We offer 13 different history and science programs, each specifically designed to comply with the New Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks / Common Core for specified grade levels. We are able to tailor our programs to fit the needs of your students. Thinking of staying for the day? Visit with one or two classrooms and participate in one science AND one history program, or arrange a joint program with the National Park Visitor Center or Buzzards Bay Coalition’s Richard C. Wheeler Bay Learning Center.

Contact Brittany Taylor, Volunteer and School Programs Manager, at for more details.


Program Descriptions

History: Telling a 'Real' Story (PreK–1)

Students will sign up as crew onboard the Lagoda and learn the different roles, discover what sailors brought on long voyages, and participate in a sea chantey chorus.

What is a Museum All About? (K&1)

Students create collections and patterns, and learn that a museum is a place to have fun.

A Bird's Eye View of a City (2&3)

An introduction to geography with a focus on mapping.

Learning About Whales (2&3)

Compare and contrast whales and humans through focus on biology, history, and mapping. Includes Pre-visit and Post-visit activities.

Sorting It All Out (3–8)

Students take on the role of taxonomists to organize a variety of marine creatures in this science program.

Cultures with Connections (4&6)

Discover connections between local and foreign cultures through role-play and mapping.

Simple Machines (4–6)

Identify simple and compound machines used onboard a whaleship and learn the importance of maritime industries.

Looking Closely at Plankton (4–9)

Hands-on activities enable students to learn about these tiny organisms in a larger-than-life fashion.

Understanding Marine Food Webs (4–9)

This program puts a focus on marine food chains and webs, but also takes a close look at where our species fits in.

A Natural Connection to the Azores (5–10)

Follow the brig Sullivan as it sails from New Bedford to the Azores. Use journal notes from the voyage to chart its course and learn about the marine animals seen along the way.

Portraits of a Port (5, 8–12)

Learn the history of New Bedford through stories of explorers, settlers, entrepreneurs, whalemen, and the Underground Railroad.

Harbor of Hope (8–12)

Explore the social relationships forged by the whaling industry, focusing particularly on the experiences of African Americans, Cape Verdeans and Azoreans in New Bedford.

Moby-Dick (9–12)

Work with us in setting goals for your program to bring the characters to life for your students.