Guided Programs: K-12

Groups in K-12 school, after school, camp and other groups can explore the Whaling Museum’s art, humanities, or science content through the Museum’s guided visit program while engaging in thought-provoking, hands-on activities. Guided programs are designed to comply with Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and Common Core for specified grade levels. Most programs can be adjusted to accommodate group needs and the Education Department can work with you to customize guided experiences. Please read below for more information on specific programs. To book a visit, please visit our Rates and Reservations page

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Program Descriptions

A Whaler's Story

Sign up as crew onboard the Lagoda, our half-sized ship model, and learn the different roles of the crew, discover what sailors brought on long voyages, and participate in a sea chantey chorus.

What's a Museum All About?

Create your own collections and patterns while learning about museum collections and how artifacts are sorted into different categories.

Whales Today

Compare and contrast whales and humans through a focus on biology, history, and conservation.

Sorting It All Out

Take on the role of taxonomists, identify defining characteristics of major groups of animals, and organize a variety of marine creatures.

Cultures with Connections

Discover connections between local and international cultures through role-play and mapping.

Simple Machines

Identify simple and compound machines used on whaleships and whaleboats, and learn how these machines were used to perform essential tasks.

Marine Food Chains

Explore the food chain connections between whales and their prey while learning the important concepts that describe energy transfer.

Portraits of a Port

Learn the history of New Bedford through the stories of indigenous people, explorers, freemen of color, whalemen, abolitionists and many more.

Harbor of Hope

Explore the social relationships forged by the whaling industry, focusing particularly on the experiences of African Americans, Cape Verdeans and Azoreans in New Bedford.

Special Programs

Interested in an in depth exploration of a specific theme or topic? Interested in having a museum educator come to your school? Learn more about our special programs here.