Virtual Education Programs

Explore the Whaling Museum online during one of our virtual education programs. Museum educators lead these interactive sessions, which may include pre- and post-program activities. Virtual education programs are designed to comply with Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and Common Core for specified grade levels. Most programs can be adjusted to accommodate group needs and the Education Department can work with you to customize virtual experiences. Book a virtual program.

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Whales Today

Type | Virtual
Grades | K–6
1 Class | 45–60 minutes
Pre and Post Activities

Whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans) are fascinating animals that have captured our attention for centuries. Through the use of real whale artifacts, visual teaching tools, and life-sized whale models, students will learn about these amazing animals and discover how closely they are related to humans.

Students will:

  • Compare structures of related species
  • Examine adaptations that enable survival in a watery environment
  • Listen to audio files and see visual representations of sounds of different cetacean species
  • Discuss various ways that students can help protect whales today