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Ocean Beats

Ocean Beats | A Beat Maker Project

​*Beat Maker - A person who makes or produces instrumental music performed by instruments with no vocals.
Nature’s music is all around us. The William A. Watkins Collection of Marine Mammal Sound Recordings preserves recordings of various marine mammal species, collected over a span of seven decades.

Participate in the Ocean Beat project by listening to the  marine mammal sounds linked on this site or directly in the Watkins collection, then, use them as inspiration to mix a whole new sound.

Make your own Ocean Beat remix.

  1. Listen to the sounds of different marine mammals provided on this page or find more marine animal sounds from the Watkins Schevill Collection here: https://cis.whoi.edu/science/B/whalesounds/
  2. Download your chosen sound and upload it to your preferred beat creation platform
  3. 3. Mix and create to make a new sound.

Sound Samples

Click image to listen and download

Humpback Whale

Sperm Whale

North Atlantic Right Whale