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Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs

Explore the Whaling Museum’s art, history, science, and culture content at your schools through the Museum’s outreach programs.

Outreach programs are designed to comply with Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and Common Core standards. Most programs can be adjusted to meet group needs, and the Education Department can work with you to customize your experience. Please read below for more information on available outreach programs and to schedule your visit.

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Squid Dissections

Elementary/Middle (3-5)
One class (up to 30 students) | 60 minutes
Offered on Tuesday-Thursday All Day

Students will discover the unusual adaptations of squid by investigating their external and internal anatomy. Students will be directly involved in locating and examining specific features of these important aquatic animals. They will learn the functions of these body parts and the role they play in daily activities and survival.

Learning standards will be met as students:

  • Examine internal structures, including those responsible for absorbing oxygen, circulation, and reproduction
  • Examine external structures, including those responsible for locomotion, catching prey, and evading predators
  • Create a food web that demonstrates the squid’s critical role as both predator and prey in the ocean ecosystem
  • Learn where squid and other cephalopods fit into the taxonomy of invertebrate organisms

Allergy Notice: The Squid Dissection program includes close interaction with squid, including, but not limited to: handling squid with gloves, interacting with squid fluids in a classroom setting, and being in a room where the smell of seafood is apparent. Squid are considered shellfish. Participants who have a shellfish allergy should be aware of this type of interaction. For questions about this lab and allergies, please call 508.717.6885.