Inside Out! A Moment in Time

ON VIEW September 3 – September 16 
Museum Plaza    

photograph of gathering of people on a dock

This exhibition showcases a selection of photographs from the Whaling Museum’s photo archive. Many of the photos are from the Prescott collection, which show moments in time that were memorable and important to the Prescott family. They were well-to-do and lived in New Bedford and Dartmouth. Their wealth is reflected in the content of some of their photographs, such as their up-to-date clothing and automobiles.

Not all of the photographs chosen are from that collection, but all have certain characteristics that make them identifiable as being from a specific time period. The labels for these photographs differ slightly from usual museum object labels, as the date of the photograph is not included. Rather, we invite you to read the content clues provided and guess for yourself the year of the photograph. As a hint, the photos range between the 1870s and the 1930s. We hope that this will be a fun exercise and a glimpse into interesting moments of life in this region in the past.

Curator: Emma Rocha, Curatorial Assistant


Virtual Curator Talk

September 3, 2020 
with Emma Rocha, Curatorial Assistant
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