From the Helm | Summer 2014

Published from The Bulletin from Johnny Cake Hill  |  Summer 2014  [ Archived Letters ]

Dear Members:

As the region’s first purpose-built historical attraction, the Whaling Museum continues as the preeminent cultural ambassador for the community.  It teaches lessons about many pressing global issues, including the consequences of natural resource depletion and exhaustion, the diversification of industry, and the need for tolerance and understanding in a multicultural society.  The role the Whaling Museum plays in its second century is no less important than the role it played one hundred years ago.  In studying the history of Old Dartmouth, we can learn to understand and appreciate the complex forces that shaped the past, that echo with remarkable urgency today, and that will help inform and insure a sustainable future.

The Board of Trustees believes we have a societal obligation to help improve the lives of people in the region, and that the Whaling Museum is in a unique position to do so.  The Board believes that it can best contribute to this purpose through a reaffirmation of its investment in educational activities, exemplified by a $6.5 million investment in the Wattles Jacobs Education Center.  We recognize that our core competency is the unique combination of service, product and place.  The outcome of specialized knowledge and skills, combined with a deep and expansive collection, and a rootedness in the south coast (historically Old Dartmouth) creates an experience that delivers exceptional and differentiating value for our constituents.

How do we increase our impact over the next five years? Trustees and staff have worked diligently to write this new Strategic Plan (2014-2019).  It is a pleasure to present this for your review and consideration. 


Best wishes,

Hon. Armand Fernandes, Jr., (Ret.), Chair

James Russell, President and CEO

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