The Voices of Marine Mammals

William E. Schevill and William A. Watkins: Pioneers in Bioacoustics

book cover of Voices of Marine Mammals

Publication Date: December 16, 2019
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The New Bedford Whaling Museum’s publication Voices of Marine Mammals: William E. Schevill and William A. Watkins: Pioneers in Bioacoustics honors the groundbreaking work of Schevill and Watkins, of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, in the field of marine bioacoustics. The book consists of twelve chapters by different authors, who worked with or whose work was influenced by Watkins and Schevill. The Whaling Museum recently received a donation from WHOI of Watkins’ and Schevill’s instruments and research, which anchor its newly expanded exhibition Whales Today. The publication speaks to the themes of the scientific trajectory of bioacoustics. It also includes a flexi-disc with audio recordings of Watkins, Schevill, and marine mammal sounds.

While there are many publications on whale vocalizations and current threats to overall ocean ecosystems health in regards to noise pollution and other acoustical impacts, none focus specifically on the remarkable contributions of Watkins and Schevill. Using these two scientists and their work as the focal point, this book fills a significant gap in scholarship.

black and white photo of William Schevill and William Watkins

Caption: William E. Schevill (left)
and William A. Watkins (right)