Portuguese Consulate Records

Accession # B92.1

These records were originally compiled by the Portuguese Consulate in New Bedford. After the records were acquired by the New Bedford Whaling Museum, Mary T. Silvia Vermette Ph.D. sorted and inventoried the contents. A preliminary conservation survey was done in 2006 by Jalien Hollister. The collection contains approximately 63,821 items, housed in 150 document boxes measuring 60 linear feet, and 10 oversize boxes.

Series I: Political and Internal Affairs.

Series II:  Legal Papers.

Series III:  Financial Records.

Series IV:  Military Records, 1874-1966.

Series V:  Commerce and Trade.

Series VI:  Ship's Papers and Maritime Affairs.

Series VII:  Passports, 1895-1955.

Series VIII:  Passport Receipts, 1917-1939.

Series IX:  Passport Applications,  1918-1975.

Series X:  Consular Correspondence related to passports and visas.

Series XI:  Visas, 1919-1975.
In regard to the then Overseas Territories of Cape Verde Islands, Angola and Mozambique, visas were requested directly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Series XII:  Charity Passengers, 1921-1963.

Series XIII:  Emigration, 1916-1966.

Series XIV:  Certificates of Nationality, 1915-1943, 1967-1972.

Series XV:  Receipts of Registration, 1918-1921.

Series XVI:  Requests for Portuguese Citizenship for American Born Children, 1919-1936.

Series XVII:  Birth Certificates, 1864-1927.

Series XVIII:  Correspondence, 1913-1981.

Series XIX:  Oaths of Portuguese Aliens, 1918.

Series XX:  Other Certificates, 1917-1966.

Last modified: February 9, 2015