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Logbook of the Roman 2nd

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Roman 2nd (Ship)

August 1, 1850 – May 9, 1852

KWM 176

174 pages

Thomas, Cephas L.

Whaling vessel, out of New Bedford, Mass., mastered by Pardon
Tripp on voyage from August 1, 1850 – May 11, 1854.

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Vessel History

Whaling vessel, out of New Bedford, Mass., mastered by Pardon Tripp on voyage from August 1, 1850 – May 11, 1854; Owner-agent: Abraham Barker; Built at Bath, Me., 1833

Logbook Contents

Partial log, kept by Cephas L. Thomas, relating to a whaling voyage to the North
Pacific Ocean; 1850 Aug. 1-1852 May 9. It includes whale stamps, drawings, and
partial list of provisions consumed.

Blackfish (seen unless otherwise noted): Aug 18, 1850 p.
6; Sep 22 (caught) p. 13; Sep 26 (caught) & 28 p. 14; Oct 8 p. 17; Oct 12 p. 18;
Dec 28, 1851 p. 137; Jan 7, 1852 p. 141.

Blue whales (seen): Sep 14, 1850 p. 11.

Bowhead whales (seen): May 31, 1851 p. 77; Jun 5 p. 78;
Jun 14 p. 80; Jun 15 & 16 p. 81; Jun 19, 20 & 21 p. 82; Jun 22, 23 & 24
p. 83; Jun 30, Jul 1 & 3 p. 85; Jul 4 & 7 p. 86; Jul 8, 9 & 10 p. 87;
Jul 13 p. 88; Jul 16 p. 89.

Finback whales (seen): Dec 8, 1850 p. 32; Feb 15, 1851 p.
53; Aug 27 p. 101; Nov 23 p. 129; Apr 19 & 20, 1852 p. 164; Apr 25 p. 165.

Humpback whales: Oct 28, 1850 p. 21; Nov 22 p. 28; Dec 8
p. 32; Jan 2, 1851 p. 38; Feb 9 p. 52; May 7 p. 71; Jun 29 p. 84 Jul 2 p. 85; Jul 13
p. 88; Apr 6, 1852 p. 160; Apr 8 p. 161; Apr 19, 20 & 22 p. 164; Apr 27 p.

Right whales (seen): May 12, 1851 p. 72; May 18 p. 73; Apr
25, 1852 p. 165; May 9 p. 169.

Sperm whales (seen unless otherwise noted): Aug 10, 1850
(caught) p. 5; Aug 17 (caught) p. 6; Aug 22 p. 7; Nov 18 p. 26; Dec 16 (caught) p.
34; Feb 5, 1851 p. 51; Apr 25 p. 67; Apr 26 & 27 p. 68; Nov 27 p. 130; Nov 28 p.

Unspecified whales (seen): Nov 21, 1850 p. 28; May 14 p.
72; May 15 p. 73; Jun 1 p. 77; Jun 4 p. 78.

Misc. creatures (seen unless otherwise noted): grampuses
Aug 29, 1850 p. 8; sunfish (caught) May 2, 1851 p. 69; grizzly bear Jun 22 p. 83;
duck (caught 31) Jul 12 p. 88; grampuses Nov 4 p. 125.

Places represented: Fayal Aug 29, 1850 p. 8; Cape Blanca
Dec 28 p. 37; Cape Horn Jan 5, 1851 p. 39; Guam Feb 11 p. 52; Juan Fernandez Feb 11
p. 52; Byron Bay Mar 22 p. 61; Honolulu Apr 6 p. 63, Oct 25 p. 123; Cape Thaddeus
Jun 12 p. 80; Cape Bering Jun 27 p. 84; St. Lawrence Island Jul 23 p. 90; St.
Lawrence Bay Aug 3 p. 94; Bering Strait Aug 8 p. 95; Cape East Aug 19 p. 98;
Diomedes Aug 21 p. 99; St Matthews Island Aug 25 p. 100; St. Paul’s Island Sep 1 p.
102; Maui Oct 24 p. 123; Oahu Oct 25 p. 123; Starbuck Island Nov 26 p. 130; Sidney
Island Dec 21 p. 136; Japan Feb 2, 1852 p. 147; Tinian Island Feb 2 p. 147; Botel
Tobago Feb 12 p. 150; Pedra Branca Rock Feb 14 p. 151; Hong Kong Feb 19 p. 152;
Nippon Apr 20 p. 164; HJummock Island May 3 p. 168.

Notable events: Aug 10, 1850 p. 5 a man cut his hand on a
lance. Nov 3 p. 22 a man had severe pain in his chest and belly, but salt and pain
killer did not get rid of the pain. Nov 19 p. 27 picked up a boat man the Roscius; the captain of the
back on Nov 29 p. 30. Mar 29, 1851 p. 62 a man was put in irons
for bad behavior. Oct 14 p. 121 a boat capsized and a crewman drowned. Dec 29 p. 138
some of the crew members attempted mutiny, but they were stopped by the 2nd officer.
May 9, 1852 p. 170 a whale that the boats was hunting came up and knocked the head
off of one of the boats. The whale also killed one of the crew members, and the body
sunk and was not retrievable.

Illustrations: whale stamps p. 1, 72; drawing of harpoon
gun p. 1; drawings of whale tails p. 26, 72, 130; drawing of flag p. 40.

Subject Entries

Seafaring life.
Ships–Equipment and supplies.
Voyages and travels.
Whalers (Persons)
Whaling–Massachusetts–New Bedford.
Whaling Masters.
North Pacific Ocean–Description and travel. Barker, Abraham. Tripp, Pardon, 1814-1894.

Ships Spoken or Gammed Include:

A. Burke of New Bedford

Abraham Barker of New Bedford

Alert of New London

American of Nantucket

Arctic of Fairhaven

Brighton of New Bedford

Bowditch of Warren

Canton Packet of New Bedford

Charles Phelps of Stonington

Columbia of Nantucket

Constitution of Nantucket

Copia of New Bedford

Coral of New Bedford

Covington of Warren

Daniel Webster of Nantucket

Electra of New London

Enterprise of Nantucket

Fellowes of Stonington

Fortune of New Bedford

Franklin of New Bedford

George & Susan of New Bedford

George Washington of Fairhaven

George Washington of Wareham

Gladiator of New Bedford

Glenois of New Bedford

Globe of New Bedford

Governor Troup of New Bedford

Hansaw of The Netherlands

Harrison of New Bedford

Harvestof New Bedford

Hibernia of New Bedford

Hindestan of Salem

Huntress of New Bedford

Illinois of New Bedford

John Wells of New Bedford

Junior of New Bedford

Lagoda of New Bedford

Liverpool of New Bedford

Marcia of New Bedford

Mary & Susan of Stonington

Mary Frazier of New Bedford

Metacom of New Bedford

Montreal of New Bedford

Mount Vernon of New Bedford

Mount Wollaston of New Bedford

Nassau of New Bedford

Ocean of Providence

Ontario of Sag Harbor

Prudent of Stonington

Rosarue of Malagee

Roscius of New Bedford

St. George of New Bedford

Vineyard of Edgartown (Ship)
William Thompson of New Bedford

William Wirt of Fairhaven

English ship, name unknown

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