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Herman (Steam bark)

March 22, 1911 – November 9, 1911

ODHS 959

99 pages

Bodfish, Hartson H. (Hartson Hartlett)

Whaling vessel, out of San Francisco, California, mastered by
Hartson H. Bodfish, on voyage from March 22, 1911 – November 10, 1911 to the Artcic whaling

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Preferred Citation

New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library: Journal kept onboard the Herman (Steam
bark), ODHS 959


Gift of Mr. and Mrs. George Bodfish.


Funds for digitization were provided by the North Pacific Research Bureau.

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Vessel History

Whaling vessel, out of San Francisco, California, mastered by Hartson H. Bodfish, on
voyage from March 22, 1911 – November 10, 1911 to the Artcic whaling grounds; owner-agent: H.
Liebes & Co.; built at Bath, Maine, 1884.

Logbook Contents

Log, kept by Hartson H. Bodfish, relating to a whaling voyage to the North Pacific
and Arctic oceans. It includes description of types of seals, walrus, polar bear,
and whitefish seen or taken.

Note: the page numbers in this finding aid reflect those found in the physical
logbook, not the PDF.

Bowhead whales (seen unless otherwise noted): Sep 1, 1911
p. 66; Sep 9 p. 70; Sep 14 (caught) p. 71; Sep 15 (caught 2) & 16 p. 72; Sep 18
& 19 (caught) p. 73; Sep 20 p. 74; Sep 22 p. 75; Sep 24 & 25 p. 76; Sep 26
& 27 p. 77; Sep 28 (caught) p. 78; Oct 1 & 2 (caught) p. 80; Oct 4 p.

Walruses (seen): May 12, 1911 p. 18; Sep 8 p. 69.

Bearded seals/oogooroog (seen unless otherwise noted): Apr
21, 1911 p. 8; Apr 23 p. 9; May 9 p. 17; May 15 (caught) p. 19; Sep 26 p. 77.

Saddle backed seals: Apr 23, 1911 (caught 2) p. 9; May 27
(caught 3) p. 23.

Unspecified seals (seen unless otherwise noted): May 14,
1911 p. 18; May 24 (caught) p. 22; May 28 (caught) p. 23; Aug 1 p. 51; Aug 5 p. 52;
Aug 9 (caught) p. 54; Aug 10 (caught) & 11 (caught 2) p. 55; Aug 18 (caught) p.
59; Aug 23 p. 61; Aug 27 (caught) p. 63; Sep 26 p. 77.

Misc. creatures (seen unless otherwise noted): pacific
eider ducks Apr 19, 1911 p. 7; whitefish May 12 p. 18; sparrows May 29 p. 24; ducks
Aug 27 (caught 58) p. 63; snipe Aug 27 (caught 20) p. 63; porpoise Aug 29 p. 64;
polar bear Sep 19 p. 73.

Places represented: Fox Islands Mar 22, 1911 p. 2; Dutch
Harbor Mar 22 p. 2; Unalaska Mar 22 p. 2; St. George Island Jun 3 p. 27; Plover Bay
Jun 16 p. 32; Indian Point Jun 17 p. 32; Marcus Bay Jun 19 p. 33; St. Lawrence Bay
Jun 25 p. 36; Diomedes Jun 28 p. 37; Cape Prince of Wales Jun 28 p. 37; Port
Clarence Jun 29 p. 37; Point Barrow Jul 2 p. 40; Bering Island Jul 14 p. 42; East
Cape Jul 20 p. 45; Point Hope Jul 21 p. 45; Cape Lisburne Jul 24 p. 47; Wainwright
Inlet Jul 26 p. 48; Sea Horse Island Jul 26 p. 48; Harrison Bay Jul 29 p. 49; Cross
Island Jul 30 p. 50; Cape Halkett Aug 6 p. 53; Point Tangent Aug 8 p. 54; Smyth Bay,
Cape Smyth Aug 20 p. 60; Beech Point Aug 21 p. 60; Cape Simpson Aug 23 p. 61;
Coopers Island Aug 27 p. 63; Wangell Island Sep 26 p. 77; Herald Island Oct 1 p. 80;
St. Lawrence Island Oct 10 p. 84.

Notable events: Apr 12, 1911 p. 3 Captain Bodfish had to
throw overboard a deck load of coal in order to free the decks of water. Apr 13 p.
3-4 Some t??ces (some type of storage container) cached on the deck came loose. They
had to be broken with axes. They lost meat, engine oil, fresh codfish, lumber, and
sail material. These containers carried away one of the boats and punched a small
hole in it, smashed the deck pump to pieces, and smashed two windows in the forward
pilot house. Jun 15 p. 31 A cake of ice under the ship knocked off a blade. The
other blade was lost that night. Jun 24 p. 35 One of the crew members (a native) got
drunk and was put off the ship.

Illustrations: drawings of whale heads p. 71-73, 78,

Subject Entries

Indigenous people.
Marine accidents.
Polar bear.
Seafaring life.
Sealing–California–San Francisco.
Seals (Animals)
Voyages and travels.
Whalers (Persons)
Whaling–California–San Francisco.
Whaling masters.
Arctic Ocean–Description and travel.
Barrow, Point (Alaska)–Description and travel.
Bering Island (Russia)–Description and travel.
Dutch Harbor (Alaska)–Description and travel.
Herschel Island (Yukon)–Description and travel.
Nome (Alaska)–Description and travel.
North Pacific Ocean–Description and travel.
Point Hope (Alaska)–Description and travel.
Port Clarence (Alaska)–Description and travel.
Prince of Wales, Cape (Alaska)–Description and

Smyth, Cape (Alaska)–Description and travel.
Unalaska (Alaska)–Description and travel.
H. Liebes & Company.

Ships Spoken or Gammed Include:

Jeannette of San Francisco (Steam

Karluk of San Francisco (Steam

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