From the Vault

The Whaling Museum's Research Library houses some of history's greatest treasures, encompassing a wide range of topics from international whaling history to the history of Old Dartmouth.  The Library's impressive holdings include over 1700 linear feet of manuscript materials, 700 maps and charts, and over 18,000 printed titles.  Additionally, the Library proudly boasts the world's largest and finest collection of whaling logbooks and journals, numbering over 2300.  Every piece has its own unique story to tell, and we invite you to look at a few of the thousands of Library materials and hear their tales through the Museum's From the Vault, featuring a different treasure from the Library.    




Journal Kept Onboard the Manhattan's 1843 Voyage

The Charles W. Morgan

Correspondence of Captain Burr Sistare to his Wife, Abby

Journal Kept Onboard the Newport's 1892 Voyage

Journal Kept Onboard the Fleetwing's 1881 Voyage

Ricketson Family Papers

Logbook of the Ship Union's 1807 Voyage

The Arctic Regions

Paul Cuffe Manuscript Papers


Last modified: February 1, 2013