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Henry B. Worth Papers
Mss 132 5 inches Henry B. Worth, 1858-1923
Notebooks belonging to Henry Barnard Worth, a lawyer and historian of New Bedford, Massachusetts, documenting the history of local people and events

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Material in this collection was acquired by the Old Dartmouth Historical Society as part of Accession 00.265. Additional materials may have been given by Henry B. Worth prior to 1923 while he was an active member and secretary of the Society.

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Mss 59: Henry Barnard Worth Papers

Biographical Note

Henry Barnard Worth was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1858. He attended school in Nantucket and later at Amherst College. He passed his bar exam in 1885, and began practicing law in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Specializing in real estate law, and devoting his spare time to historical and genealogical research. He was an active member of the Old Dartmouth Historical Society, contributing numerous articles to the SocietyÂ’s published historical sketches, as well as serving as secretary of the organization from 1913 until his death in 1923.

Scope and Content Note

The Henry B. Worth Papers are arranged as a single series consisting of notebooks that are listed by title as it appears in the notebooks. Researchers should note that the Research Library also has Mss 59, a larger collection of Henry B. Worth Papers containing similar research.

Arrangement of Collection Series A: Notebooks, Undated

Added Entries
Dartmouth, Mass.–History
Dartmouth, Mass.–History–Revolution, 1775-1783
Dartmouth, Mass.
Fairhaven, Mass.
Nantucket, Mass.
New Bedford, Mass.–History Worth, Henry B., 1858-1923


Series A: Notebooks, Undated [5 inches]

Box 1
Folder 1
Bridges of Old Dartmouth, Undated

Folder 2
British Raid, 1778, Undated

Folder 3
Coxet, Undated

Folder 4
Dartmouth in the Revolution, Undated

Folder 5
Fairhaven, Ancient, Undated

Folder 6
Fort Phenix, Undated

Folder 7
King Phillip’s War, Undated

Folder 8
Houses of Old Dartmouth, Undated

Folder 9
New Bedford Street Names, Undated

Folder 10
Indian Place names, Undated

Folder 11
Iron Mills in Old artmouth, Undated

Folder 12
Lotteries, Intoxicating Liquors & Grocery Stores, Undated

Folder 13
Nantucket, Map of, Undated

Folder 14
The Neck [Acushnet?], Undated

Folder 15
New Bedford Wealthy Men, Undated

Folder 16
Pogansett Pond and the West Side of Town, Undated

Folder 17
Quaker Emigration from Old Dartmouth before 1800, Undated

Folder 18
Rotch Farm, Undated

Folder 19
Old Comers, Undated

Folder 20
Slides used at Bridgewater, Undated

Folder 21
North Rochester Parish, Its Meeting Houses & Parish Farm, Undated

Folder 22
Soule Daughters in Plymouth Registry, Undated

Folder 23
What Dartmouth Families were Presbyterians, Undated

Folder 24
Difference between Pilgrams and Puritans, Undated

Folder 25
Misc. collected materials, Undated

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