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Hathaway Family Papers1842-1875
Mss 122 1.5 linear feet Hathaway family
Primarily correspondence sent from California home to Fall River during and after the Gold Rush by Abner Hathaway (1826-1859) and Albert Hathaway (1827-1859).

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Materials in this collection were donated to the New Bedford Whaling Museum in 2009 by Tracy and Neal Anderson as part of Accession #2009.41.

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Historical Note

Abner Hathaway (1826-1859) and Albert Hathaway (1827-1859) were born the sons of Capt. Russell Hathaway (1790-1870) and his wife Rhoda Terry Hathaway (1790-1871). Captain Hathaway and Rhoda had a total of twelve children, most of whom died young. Their sons, Bradford (1829-?) and Job (1832-?) may have joined their older brothers in California as they are mentioned in the letters. The 1850 census lists Russell Hathaway as a farmer residing in Steep Brook, Fall River, Massachusetts.

Scope and Content Note

Abner (1826-1859) and Albert (1827-1859) Hathaway’s letters home from California describe their separate passages from Fall River to San Francisco at the beginning of the Gold Rush. During the following years they wrote about their lives as they try their luck at mining for gold and eventually find steady employment making shingles and managing a brick yard. They traveled and lived in the company of other men from the Fall River area and often report the news about their friends and relatives in their letters. Although always hoping to return home once they had made enough money, they both died bankrupt within months of each other in 1859.

There are numerous people mentioned in these letters and it is assumed that they are people familiar to their parents and are likely people from Fall River, MA. Subsequent letters From John Dyer and Samuel Reed (Read) inform Captain and Mrs. Hathaway of the deaths of their sons and their financial circumstances. David Terry Hathaway (1818-1843), an older son, writes of his experiences whaling aboard the bark Elizabeth and the ship Adeline. He was lost at sea in 1843. Additional letters and documents are related to the Sanborn family and other Hathaway relations. James Sanborn (1794-?) was related to Clara Sanborn Hathaway.

Arrangement of Collection Series I: Correspondence, 1849-1875
Series II: Additional Documents, 1852-1873

Added Entries
Gold mines and mining
Mines and mineral resources
Tuolumne (Calif.)
Strawberry Valley (Yuba County, Calif.)
Magellan, Strait of (Chile and Argentina)
Stockton (Calif.)
Steep Brook (Mass.)
Sonora (Calif.)
San Juan (Porto Rico)
San Francisco (Calif.)
Placerville (Calif.)
Newport (R.I.)
Mission San Delores
Mission Creek (Calif.)
Marysville (Calif.)
Fraser River Canyon (B.C.)
Fall River (Mass.)
Double Springs (Calif.)
Dartmouth (Mass.)
Bolinas Lagoon (California)
Baja California (Mexico : Peninsula)
Acapulco (Mexico)
California–Description and travel Hathaway, Abner, 1826-1859 Hathaway, Albert, 1827-1859 Dyer, Jonathan Read, Samuel Miller, Jonathan Hathaway, David, 1818-1843 Sanborn, James Hathaway, Russell, 1790-1870 Barnaby, Bert Bennett, James Booth, John Brown, Lewis Bullock, Jesse Clifford, Charles Collins, George Collins, Thomas Davis, George Ellis, Sarah W. Hathaway, Bradford, b. 1829 Hathaway, Clara Sanborn Hathaway, Edmund Hathaway, Job, b. 1832 Hathaway, Jonathan Hathaway, Rhoda Terry, 1790-1871 Hathaway, Russell, Jr. Miller, Jonathan Pickens, Luther Porter, Benjamin Read, Bradford Reed, Emery Reed, Jonathan Reed, Lewis Reed, Samuel Sanborn, James, b. 1794 Sutter, Jonathan Thurston, Eben Thurston, Henry Wilson, Job Winchester, Ezra Winslow, Benjamin Winslow, Harry Winslow, William Reed family
Reid family
Hathaway family
Sanborn family
Adams & Co.
Quirol & Co.
Vigilante Committee

Vessel Names
Adeline (Ship)
George Washington (Ship)
Independence (Steamer)
Magnolia (Ship)
Prometheus (Steamer)
Robert (Brig)
Tennessee (Steamer)
Thomas (Schooner)
Thomas Watson


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Series I: Correspondence, 1849-1875 [16 linear inches]

Series I contains correspondence of Abner Hathaway (1852-1855), Albert Hathaway (1849-1858), John Dyer (1859), Samuel Read [Reed] (1859), John Miller (undated), David Hathaway (1842-1843), and James Sanborn (1869, 1871, 1875).

Series II: Additional Documents, 1852-1873 [2 linear inches]

Series II consists of materials related to members of the Hathaway family.

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