Manjiro Nakahama and the Opening of Japan

A Bibliography of Holdings in the New Bedford Whaling Museum Research Library

Primary sources:

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Cox, Arthur. Account book kept by Arthur Cox, whaling master of Fairhaven, Mass., 1845-56 including shipboard accounts of the Florida II (ship) of New Bedford. Included in this book are the slops accounts for Goemon and Denzo, two of the five companions of  Manjiro Nakahama rescued by William Whitfield in 1841 who later shipped aboard the Florida II.  KWM #A-267.

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Nakahama, Manjiro. Drifting to the southeast: the most important manuscript of John Manjiro’s story. A full translation from the original Japanese transcript of 1852. Written and illustrated by Shoryo Kawada. Tosa Shimizu City, 1987.

—— A record of drifting. Nagasaki: 1852. Text in Japanese.

Perry, Matthew G. Collection of 13 letters from Matthew G. Perry, U.S.N. to Captain Joseph C. Delano, merchant of New Bedford, February to December 1851 – March 1856. ODHS #MSS 64, Series D. Sub-series 19.

Port of Kanagawa, Japan. Entrance and Exit Clearances of the port of Kanagawa for the Isabella (bark) of New Bedford. Moses G. Tucker, master. Documents issued by the port of Kanagawa, 1862. Two sheets. Ink on paper. Text in Japanese and English. ODHS #MSS 55, Box 16.

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Secondary sources:

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