Portraits of a City

Exhibition Opened: September 5, 2019
San Francisco Room and Harbor View Gallery

photograph of two italian immigrant boys

The New Bedford Whaling Museum has a spectacular archive of photographs and glass plate negatives that capture many facets of the whaling industry, the city, and its history.  In this exhibit of images from our Standard Times collection, explore turn of the century New Bedford – a city in the midst of momentous change. This exhibition invites you on a photographic journey through the neighborhoods and vibrant ethnic enclaves, wharves, establishments, individuals, and legendary stories that marked New Bedford in the early 20th century and provide a personal glimpse of individuals and communities that made New Bedford what it is today.

Caption: “The Newest Little Italy” – Italians in the North End. Grade crossing workers, 1907. New Bedford Whaling Museum 1981.61.727

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