John Stobart, Maritime Painter – a Retrospective

Exhibition ended October 7th, 2012

John Stobart studied in England at the Derby College of Art and the prestigious Royal Academy Schools in London.  Commissions from several shipping companies featured his paintings in their London boardrooms and on their annual calendars. Stobart came to the U.S. with four paintings carefully wrapped in brown paper and tied with string, under his arm, and he has never looked back.

Over the past half-century he has built upon his interest in the maritime world and painting en plein air to build a body of work that many within the world of contemporary maritime arts find central to the genre.

His realistic style, capturing historic scenes of ports around the world, succeeds in large part through extensive research into the historic locations and vessels he paints.  This exhibit showcased a broad cross-section of Stobart’s work.

Stobart’s inspired work has reached broad audiences through exhibitions at maritime museums, several galleries, a large catalog of limited edition prints, and a series of paintings he created on a PBS television series.