Sitting in New Bedford – A Light Look at People and Things from the City

Exhibition ended January 7th, 2013

What do a ship in the harbor, scallop shells, a girl on a swing, people working in a sail loft and in the Pairpoint glass factory, and the subjects of portraits by New Bedford painters and photographers have in common? They were each, at one time or another, “sitting” in New Bedford.

Sitting in New Bedford was a show for the summer, when kids were out of school and families were on vacation. They often seek a break from heavy intellectual content and prefer entertainment and levity with some interesting facts and information “snuck in” in for good measure. “Sitting” tried to hit the sweet spot, presenting unique items from the Museum’s collection that not only fascinated but also raised an eyebrow, and in some cases a chuckle.  Sometimes we learn best when our guard is down.

The exhibition played on the word “sitting.” Chairs of normal and strange types, portraits of all types, and seats where you wouldn’t expect to see them (amusement parks, factories, hanging from ship rigging) were in the gallery. As were people of all sorts, from children of the past to the city’s most prominent citizens. And of course there was a lot sitting there besides people – objects current and historic, common and strange joined the wide spectrum of things sitting in New Bedford.

Visitors were invited to “Take a seat” and enjoy a romp through the museum’s collection and the region’s past.

Visitors could “sit” in New Bedford and join others whose portraits were displayed in this exhibit.

To do this, one could join flickr, add their “Sitting in New Bedford” photos to the photostream, and then add them to the Museum’s group pool. View the slideshow set on Flickr.


Last modified: March 16, 2017