Among the Waves and Amid the Vortex: Paintings by Jason Hancock inspired by Moby-Dick

Exhibition Dates: November 1, 2012 – February 4, 2013

Vortex (Sunrise)
                            Above: Vortex (sunrise)

This selection of paintings by Jason Hancock takes visual elements from Moby-Dick to create a series of works that show the turbulent nature of the whaling seas. Capped by sunrise and sunset upon the ocean, these pieces examine parameters of opposites and excess. Dawn and dusk, oil and water, obsession and the inevitable vortex of its conceit are rendered to elicit the questions of life and death throughout Melville’s epic. In Moby-Dick, the call of the sea resonated with Hancock in which the seemingly infinite horizon before us at the shore makes one long for adventure, breeds hope, and is a space to question his or her own meaning. For Jason the very knowledge that this expanse of ocean is close has informed his work in that these meanings and questions are easily probed.

Last modified: September 18, 2012