American Landscape and Seascape Paintings

2011 – February 2012
A Harbor for Painting

Coast of Grand Manan

Coast of Grand Manan, C.H. Gifford, 1890

A Harbor for Painting was drawn from the Museum publication, American Landscape and Seascape Paintings. This exhibition featured master paintings in the Museum’s collection by artists who began their careers in the Old Dartmouth area. It also featured artists who came from elsewhere, but stayed due to the influence of the region. The Old Dartmouth region harbored and supported artistic endeavor during its years of greatest prosperity. Wealth and commitment to the arts provided an environment that furthered the careers of many artists. There was demand for an artistic recording of the area’s natural beauty and its history with the sea. Landscapes, seascapes, and historical scenes were the result, a legacy featured in A Harbor for Painting.

This exhibition was guest-curated by Trustee and Collections Committee member Keith Kauppila.

Sealers Crushed by Icebergs

 Sealers Crushed by Icebergs, W. Bradford, 1866