Masterworks of Marine Painting

Braitmayer Family Gallery
Exhibition Dates: June 1 – October 11, 2019

The paintings in Masterworks of Marine Painting were a selection of the finest oil paintings of maritime scenes in the Museum’s collection. The works primarily depict whaling in the Eastern Arctic by artists James Wilson Carmichael [a.k.a. John Carmichael,] William John Huggins, John Ward of Hull, and William Bradford. There are also a couple of sperm whaling scenes by John Ward and Samuel Walters, an Arctic whaling scene by Clifford W. Ashley, a major seascape by Charles Henry Gifford, a ship portrait by Charles Sidney Raleigh and another by Thomas Buttersworth. It’s a quiet and contemplative gallery.

William Bradford painting titled Caught in the Ice Floes

Caption: William Bradford, Caught in the Ice Floes, Oil on canvas, c. 1867. Bradford observed the Newfoundland and Labrador sealing fleets while on his Arctic excursions in the mid-1860s. At its peak in the late 1850s over 350 vessels were engaged in sealing. By the 1860s steamers replaced sailing ships in the sealing fleets.