Local Artist: Rhonda M. Fazio

Glass display case in Museum lobby
Exhibition Opening Date: August 20, 2020

The New Bedford Whaling Museum is using the glass display case in our lobby to highlight Greater New Bedford Artists and share artists’ stories as part of the Common Ground project.

Local artist Rhonda M. Fazio, owner of Dyer Maker Studio in New Bedford has created an exhibition of her textiles and natural dyes. In her workshops, she tells the story about the journey of People, plants and pigments from all over the world and how it formulated an industry to establish America as an economic powerhouse – resolutely rooted in slavery and economic inequality.

One of her goals as an artist is to approach reparations through a creative process by reclaiming materials largely exploited by the region’s textile industry. She teaches youth and adults the art of making fabric as a way to inspire and implement the use of these materials to move the economy forward, equitably and sustainably.

Rhonda’s Interwoven educational maker space for food and fabric will blend the voices of people through cultural identity, conversation, food, craft, and art, as a way to connect the threads of humanity so we can effectually understand human history.

3 images showing dye in natural state