Into Infinity: Art by Milton Brightman

Exhibition Opened: July 17, 2018

painting by Brightman
Horseneck facing East

Explore a local South Coast artist working in oil paint, pen and ink, and watercolor to create works autobiographical in nature reflecting his interests in landscape painting and figure composition and his eternal search for the meaning of life.

After Milton Brightman’s discharge from the military in 1972, he attended the Swain School of Design and received a Bachelor Degree in 1976. From there he said goodbye to academia and secured employment in the Massachusetts State Forests and Parks (DCR) giving him access to endless landscapes and allowing him to pursue his passion in landscape painting. He served in that capacity for over thirty years.  

Throughout those years he has produced a large body of work many of which will appear in this show. He leaves the viewer to judge and interpret the work for himself as art is one of the highest forms of communication there is.